Alvand Dry-land Deep Drill model: MZDFD225/11

This machine is designed to work on Dry-lands. As here in these lands the crops yield depends widely on the rainfall precipitation, the seeds drilled by this machine will have a more extensive access to the water provided by the rain because of the wider rows distances and the use of press-wheels making V type furrows that results into an acceptable cohesion between seeds and the soil. Not only different kind of grains, pulses and rape seeds can be drilled by this machine with a constant density in parallel rows but also it can drill a layer of fertilizer beneath them in real-time. It is also equipped with two freestanding hoppers in order to keep fertilizer and grains separately. The use of fluted cylindrical metering devices for seeds along with the adjusting levers and studded cylindrical metering devices for fertilizer drilling, makes it possible to drill all kinds of seeds and fertilizers. The rows distances, working depth, fertilizer and seed flow-rate per hectare can be controlled and adjusted as well.  The machine is available with either iron press-wheels or rubber press-wheels.         

Technical Specifications: Alvand Dry-land Deep Drill    

Model: MZDFD225/11    

Field Capacity 0.9-1.6 (ha/hr)
Tractor power 65 (hp)
Accurate working width 225 cm
Number of coulters 11
Distance between coulters 19.5 cm
Seed drilling depth 2-10 cm
Fertilizer placement depth 7-15 cm
Seed hopper capacity 195 L
Fertilizer hopper capacity 195 L
Dimensions (365*240*166) cm
Weight 1215 kg
Coulter type Steel shovel
Presswheel type Iron presswheel
Presswheel diameter 40 cm
Hitching system Pulled
Tire size 6-00-16